About Me

I am an artist based in San Diego, California. I create music simply because it is something that I love to do, I could not see myself doing anything else. When I am making music and producing content, it feels like it is the only time in my life where I can truly express who I am without any boundary or restriction. I want to make music a sacred space again, in an industry filled with lies and deception sometimes it is hard to see what's real. I created 4C Sound in hopes to have a space in entertainment/media that spreads light, positivity, spirituality, and self acceptance. I hope to bring awareness to mental health and crises throughout the world through music, fashion, content, and art. Hope and perseverance are some common themes that I use throughout my art which is why I called my album, "Meet Me at the Beach House". The beach house represents a space for me and my audience to come as they are, and to be themselves in any situation that life may lead them too. To be pure and to be genuine with every intention, because that is the ultimate currency in life.

Meet Me at the Beach HouseĀ šŸ¤Ž